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About Us

COLINSPEAKS.COM’S  Mission is to make the Workplace Productive, Profitable and Pleasurable.

The Stress magician
Makes your Stress Magically Disappear.
Colin McKechnie and Associates has been helping clients in California for over 10years with a 100% satisfaction record.
Why have Colin Train your people ?

• Colin has been rated THE top trainer in the State of California for the last 3 years.

• Colin has personally conducted Trainings, Workshops, Seminars, Retreats and keynotes in 37 countries worldwide.

• Employees love the FUN filled learning experiences.

• Managers love the changes in their employees.  (And themselves).

• Organizations love the Results.

Colin learned his  skills as a :-

• Trainer.

• Technical Training Officer.

• Senior Technical Training Officer.

• Training Manager.

• Corporate Training Manager.

• Senior Executive.

• And Still has a sense of Humor !
Treasured Qoutes:-

Queen Elizabeth II of England
“Colin is Truly Inspirational”.

Prime Minister of Malaysia
“Colin is a National Treasure”

Colin’s Mother
Colin is a Royal Pain.  (209) 402-1711

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